Sandmann Family Day Care hosts occasional open houses, for children to explore and for parents to visit the facilities.  If you would like to visit Sandmann Family Day Care, please contact us to schedule a private visit.

Application forms for the 2016/2017 year were due by June 20. If you would like to apply for an opening during the year, please contact us. Forms should be submitted by mail; alternatively, scanned copies of the forms may additionally be submitted by e-mail. The application fee of $100 needs to be included with your paperwork. Please retain a photocopy of your documents for your records. Also, please remember to take care of your child’s immunization record in a timely manner as we can only enroll your child after all completed forms have been submitted.

Upon receipt of the forms we will send an e-mail confirmation of the receipt of your documents. We will then contact you within a few days to answer any questions you might have. The first month’s fee of is due by the first day of enrollment and will act as a deposit fee to secure your child’s place at Sandmann Family Day Care.


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