Sandmann Family Day Care is excited to welcome new members and is currently underway with the Fall 2015 admissions process. We also have a small number of openings available for immediate enrollment. We aim to form a continuous group of friends for the children and as such prefer to accept children full-time. However, we may at times have semi-weekly spots available, so please contact us for more information.

We offer spaces for children between the ages of 15 to 48 months. Our program is a 12-month program, with a winter and summer break. We are organized along the lines of two major cycles, a Fall and a Spring cycle. The Fall cycle runs from August to December, and the Spring cycle lasts from January to June. Within those cycles, each month has a different theme, e.g. May’s theme was “viele viele bunte Farben” (all the bright colors). That means that all activities are intended to revolve around this theme. Late enrollment means that children join a program cycle that’s already in process. We prefer that all children start together to maximize the fun of the experience.

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