“My Day at Sandmann”

I am Paulina and I am 2 years old.

I like going to Sandmann every day. Mommy drops me off in the morning and I always run in to say hi to Connie and Uli.  Mommy has to go so she always gives me a big kiss. I’m not sad that Mommy has to go because I know that I’m going to have a lot of fun.

Connie calls us to come and sit down for circle time. I like singing the songs and clapping my hands. Sometimes we build a train and sing the train song. Choo choo!

Then I get to eat my snack. I like eating apples and cheese. Sometimes we also eat bananas, but Connie knows that I like apples best. And then we get to go outside and play in the sun. I love blowing bubbles and see how they float in the wind. If we don’t go outside, we draw and get to do arts and crafts. I like painting pictures for Mommy and Daddy – I can draw the sun and a house and a tree. I’m getting tired and I’m glad it’s nap time now.

When I wake up it’s already time for lunch. We sing a song when washing our hands so we don’t forget to wash between our fingers. I’m a big girl so I go get the plates and put them on the table. My favorite lunch is fish – Connie makes yummy fish & noodles with spinach. After lunch we go outside to the playground. Sometimes when I’m still sleepy from my nap I get to sit in the stroller.

I like playing at the playground. I can go down the slide and sit in the swing. I try to go all the way to the sky. We get to eat another snack outside before going back. Then we read stories – I especially like the Wimmelbuch stories. And then Mommy shows up and it’s time to go home! I tell Mommy all the things I did today – about the apples, and the swing, and the painting and the hopping around on one leg. I’m excited to go to Sandmann tomorrow!

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